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A lonely zephyr's whispers to the sky...

...and still they pass unheard for all they cry

[layout v.4.0 "upturned"]

    to those who found me from past fics & anime circles: that ship has long since sailed, sorry. anything unfinished will remain unfinished-- I haven't touched anime since 2006.

    dormant teenage-era writing journal: naifun
    Celira on AO3

    Ravenclaw means being the armed one in a battle of wits

    I am the [sweet-looking good girl who can actually whoop your ass without breaking a sweat] of the Shounen Manga Stereotype Gang!

    [Everything from this point forward is obsolete/inapplicable but left for pre-2006 nostalgia tripping.]

    • Yukishiro Enishi, the nii-kodachi of Shinomori Aoshi, the 4th ending theme "4th Avenue Cafe" by L'arc en Ciel, Makimachi Misao's image theme "Ice Blue Eyes", the 7th ending theme "Dame!", the sort-of-OTP Saitou Tokio x Hajime, and the Shinsengumi- all of them- at rk_claims
    • Harada Sanosuke, Ichimura Tetsunosuke, and Saitou Hajime's psychic powers at the pmk_claims community
    • Kyouraku Shunsui; the three zanpakutou Wabisuke, Haineko, and Katen Kyoukotsu; and the Renji/Rukia/Ichigo triangle at the bleach_claims community
    • Giant Strawberry (Ichigo X3) Pocky at pocky_claims

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